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Est. 1987
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Art Walk, Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020, 5-8 p.m. join us for Culinary Creations by Chef Kendra at the Elinoff Gallery, 204 W. Colorado Ave, Telluride, Colorado.

Join us for the Holiday ART WALK, Thursday, December 19th at The Telluride Arts HQ Gallery, 135 W. Pacific St. for viewing of local Artisans Creations and the Winter Crudite Tree. Samples of Home Fried Chips & Popcorn flavored with Telluride's Own Rub & Multi Purpose SW Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen and Crispitas, an oven baked chip, packaged in Biodegradable Cellulose Bags.

Winter Snow Season 2020. Delivered Dinners, Breakfast and/or Grocery Items to Private Homes in Mt. Village. click here for menus. The grocery store in Mt. Village is closed for renovation and will re open as the Village Market end of May 2020. Delivery includes a complimentary gift of Telluride's Own Rub & Multi Puropse SW Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen,(very low sodium and no msg). A local's favorite since 1987.

Holiday Menus 2019
Christmas Dinner Cornish Hen
Christmas Dinner Rib Roast
a Telluride's New Year's Eve Dinner

Noel Night at the Elinoff Gallery, Brioche Stars with an Unique Caviar from France SW Mexican Crudite Christmas Holiday Tree designed by Chef Kendra, a unique way for creating a centerpiece and using this for a delicious sauce for oven to table casserole dinners.
Available for Delivery, Winter Snow Season in Mt. Village and Telluride 2019 & 2020.

Please join us for Holiday Shopping at the Telluride Arts Holiday Bazaar at the Telluride Elks Lodge, Friday Nov. 29 - Sunday Dec 1, 2019,
Crudite Christmas Tree w/ Kendra's Kitchen SW Dip & a Blue Cheese, Cooking Class Certificates, Telluride's Own Rub & SW Seasoning, Apricot BBQ Sauce, Crispitas package in Biodegradable cellulose bags and the OpticWrap a protective goggle covering for small, medium or large lenses.

A Telluride Thanksgiving Feast 2019

    Roasted free range turkey with Telluride's Own Rub & Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen with SW sage gravy
    Blue corn bread stuffing with pinon nuts & w/out pork sausage
    Cranberry & chayote salsa
    Sweet potato tamales
    Wild rice with pecans
    Classic healthy gourmet mashed potato with or without roasted green chilis
    Seasonal glazed vegetables
    Healthy ranch style rolls with European butter, Brummel & Brown yogurt spread

    Pinion Nut Pie with Spiced Whipped Cream
    and/or SW Style Pumpkin Mousse topped with a Coconut Ginger Crunch served in baked pumpkin shells

    OR Traditional Turkey Dinner Available

Reservations with 100% paid in advance, $800 minimum, non-refundable, please text Chef Kendra A. Wilcox or email for pricing. Chef served or delivered. 970.708.7759 or Email.

Visit us at Market on the Plaza in Mt. Village for the last Farmer's Market of the Season, Wed. Aug. 28, 2019, 11:00 - 4 p.m. for Apricot, Pinion Nut, Butterscotch Brownies with seeped Marsala Raisins. Coconut, Cherry, Chocolate Chip & Almond Brownies, Fresh Pressed Peanut Butter, Roasted Poblano Chile, Pecan & Chocolate Chip Cookies. Crispitas, an oven baked chip packaged in Biodegradable Cellulose Bags, Apricot BBQ Sauce, Honey Chile BBQ Sauce and Telluride's s Own Rub & SW Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen, exclusively available in SW Colorado.

Chef Demo at 1:00 p.m. Summer Squash Saute, quick and easy that your whole family will like!

One to One Mentoring and Alpine Bank presents 10th Annual Taste of Telluride and Top Chef at the Peaks Resort, Mt. Village, Thursday August 8, 2019. The benefit begins at 5:30 ends at 9 p.m.
Apricot & Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding with an Almond Cognac Cream Sauce. Apricots are from the Kitchen Garden in Montrose.
Backcountry Biscuits with Fried Quail Eggs & Chipotle Maple Glazed Bacon and Quinoa Breakfast Burritos with a Trio of Salsas.
Telluride's Own Honey Chile BBQ Sauce & an Apricot BBQ Sauce from Kendra's Kitchen.
Chef Kendra A. Wilcox may provide frozen cuisine for your vacations or family meals.

Art + Architecture Weekend 2019, Visit Chef Kendra A. Wilcox on Sunday, July 21 at 101 Autumn Lane, Noon to 5 p.m. Interesting medium of Fried Panko Poached Quail Eggs in Brioche Cups topped with Kendra's Kitchen SW Crema. She will be demoing Artisanal Kitchen Tools made by Ridgway Artist Jill Peelor Rikkers of Coal Creek Studios. 2nd tasting is Telluride's Own Crispitas, an oven baked pita chip packaged in biodegradable cellulose bags. Chef Kendra and packager designed these 28 years ago! These will be paired with a Palisade Peach Salsa and Chiles from the Kitchen Garden in Montrose. Dessert tasting of Avocado Dark Chocolate Mouse with Spiced Nuts & a Coconut Whipped Cream served in Avocado Shells and with petite hand forged Dessert Spoons made by Jill Peelor Rikkers of For Tickets please contact the Telluride Art District.

Telluride's ART Walk, Thurs, April 4, 2019 5-8 p.m. join us at the Elinoff Gallery for a Chef demo. Culinary is Art => Chicken & Wild Mushroom Moneybags, Glazed Chicken Pinwheels with Telluride's Own Rub & Multi Purpose SW Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen, A catered and festival favourite for many years. Chef will demo cool culinary gadgets to create ornate veggies for crudite, soups, salads and dinner plates.

Montrose Wine & Food Festival, Fri, Sat., May 17 & 18, 2019 at the Bridges Golf Club in Montrose. For tickets and info please visit A Fundraiser for the Boy's & Girls Club. Chef Kendra offers a Cooking Class complete with a bottle of Kendra's Kitchen Rub & Multi Purpose SW Seasoning for each student. Quick & Easy, Healthy Gourmet, Holiday Party Planning and High Altitude Cooking Tips.

April 22-26, 2019. The 30th Annual Partners Auction, One of the highly participated Charity Fundraiser in Western Colorado. Chef Kendra A. Wilcox offers a Cooking Class for 6-8 people. $85.00 per person, plus gratuity, Quick & Easy, Healthy Gourmet, Menu Planning & Budgeting. Each student receives a bottle of Telluride's Own Rub & SW Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen, recipes and a great time! For more info please contact: 970.249.1116

The Remington Restaurant at The Bridges Golf Club in Montrose has Kendra's Kitchen SW Seasoning paired with Locally produced products on their menu. Enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Chef Lacey Huntley and the most majestic view of the San Juan Mtns. Reservations recommended; 970.252.1119, 2500 Bridges Drive.

Tune into Telluride's KOTO Community Radio Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 2-3 p.m. for the Jimmy Jazz Fundraiser hosted by Hawkeye and Rube Felicelli. Chef Kendra will be offering a bottle of Telluride's Own Rub & SW Seasoning from and a cooking class with the various ways to use the multi purpose seasoning.

Inventor Kendra A. Wilcox will be donating one/1 Patented opticwrap, a protective goggle covering that wraps around one's goggle secured with magnets and has a rubber strap that prevents it from sliding off your helmet, thus for a fog free ski or ride. Fits small, medium and large goggles. Protects from scratches and your investment.

Party With A Purpose
Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 3 PM
The Turn Of The Century in Montrose, Colorado

2018 Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve Dinners menu
Wed., Dec. 5, Noel Night 2018, sample Kendra's Kitchen Seasoning at Gargoyle's Gift Shop in Telluride, Main St. in Breezeway behind Sublime
Join us for Mt. Village's Holiday Prelude and Santa's Village in the Conference Center, Sat. Dec 15 1-5 p.m. and Sunday 1-4 p.m. 2018. Telluride's Own Rub & Sw Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen available for Purchase and order your Holiday Crudite Tree.

Ms. Kendra A. Wilcox offers a Chef Demo for the 40th Anniversary for Montrose Farmer's Market & the Valley Food Partnership, Saturday Oct. 20, 2018, 10:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Since 1987, Chef has served as Elk camp cook at the Aldasoros Ranch, was personal Chef to Ralph & Ricky Lauren at their Double RL Ranch. 4 1/2 years later, had a catering and currently provides Chef services to exclusive accounts and For Fundraising. For more please visit & 800.894.9086 & 970.708.7759.

Please join us for a Demo by Chef Kendra at the Montrose Farmer's Market, Sat. Oct 27, 2018. 10:00 a.m. - 1 p.m. Celebrating the Fall Harvest, Whole Baked Pumpkin topped with a Spiced Cream Sauce and Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds with Kendra's Kitchen Rub & Multi Purpose Seasoning, a great hiking fall foliage snack.

Now accepting reservations for 2018 Thanksgiving Dinner and the 2 week Holiday Season in Mt. Village or World Wide. Please inquire with Chef 970.708.7759

Please visit Kendra at Montrose Farmer's Market for a Chef Demo using local gardeners, ranchers and cheese maker's products.  Sat. July 28, 2018, 10:00 - 1:00 p.m., Downtown Montrose.  Salade of Palisade Peach, Arugula and a Specialty Cheese with a White Balsamic Tangerine Vinaigrette.  Carrot Flowers with Kendra's Kitchen Dip/Special Sauce/Base to Salads =>Healthy Gourmet Version with 0% Plain Yogurt.  Quick & Easy Glazed Chicken or Beef Dinners with Telluride's Own Multi Purpose SW Seasoning

Please visit us for Kendra's Chef Demo, Culinary is ART at the Science of Cocktails, a Fundraiser for the Telluride Art District, Art & Architecture Weekend, Sat. July 21, 2018, 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Telluride Warehouse Station. For pictures click here.
Vegetable Mosaic Mold filled with an Herbed Hummus & White Bean Puree served with Crispitas, an oven baked chip from Kendra's Kitchen packaged in Biodegradable Cellulose Bags and Pita Bread. 
Kendra's Kitchen was one of the first companies to use recyclable material. Please click here for CULINARY IS ART MENU

Visit Chef Kendra and the Montrose Wine & Food Festival, Sat. May 19, 2018, 1-5.30 p.m. at the Bridges Country Club. A fundraiser for the Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club.  Italian Theme.  Tickets available from  

Please join Chef Kendra, Farmers and Key Note Speakers at the Western Colorado Food & Farm Forum, January 26-27, 2018, Montrose, CO,  www.FOODFARMFORUM.ORG  970.249.3935. 
  Workshops on Innovative Crop and Livestock Production, AG marketing, Management and Specialty Crops. 

Kendra resumes Chef Services for the Private Jet Aviation Industry  in Telluride TEX and  Montrose MTJ for the Holiday Season 2017/2018 and the future. Please ring, text or email her for locally sourced seasonal sensational cuisine, Healthy Gourmet to boot! 970.708.7759 & Email me  Advance reservations greatly appreciated.  

Chef Services for Holiday 2017 Mt. Village and Tellurideclick here

2017 Toast to Telluride Thanksgiving Turkey or a Christmas Capon Dinner as featured in, an online Lifestyle Magazine,  click here for menu & wine pairing by Chef Kendra.

Kendra is available for Chef Services in Mt. Village for Holiday Season 2017 & Winter Ski Season 2017/2018 in Telluride & Montrose for Backcountry Ski Lodge Cuisine.

Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth!

Ridgway Farmer's Market Community Table Pot Luck Lunch, Sat. Aug. 26, 2017, 1:00 - 3:00   p.m., Clinton Street. Please join Chef Kendra, Culinary is Art. Rocky Mountain Trout in a Fennel & Fish Fumet Aspic with Quail Eggs, Roasted Peppers from the Kitchen's Garden served in  Hunting Camp Pinion Nut Biscuits with a Lime & Green Peppercorn Aioli. Veggie Apple Aspic with Quail Eggs, Roasted Yellow & Red Peppers and  Basil from the Kitchen's Garden served on whole grain bread with a Mayor made with Kendra's Kitchen Rub & Multi Purpose Seasoning.

Fresh Pressed Peanut Butter Cookies with Roasted Jalapeños, Pinion Nuts & Chocolate Chips.

Festivities, Art Walk and Moon Walk to Follow. 970.626.5308

TOP CHEF Competition at the Peaks Hotel in Mt. Village, 6:00 p.m. August 11, 2017, $75.00 a ticket, sales begin Aug, 1, to purchase please go to Taste of Telluride, August 11, 2017, Proceeds benefit the One to One Mentoring Program.
Join Chef Kendra with her Creative Cuisine of Southwest French & SW Mexican, Tickets available through Telluride Tourism Board & One to One Mentoring.
Menu for SW French Fusion Cuisine
Pullet Egg Croquettes with Telluride's Own Rub & SW Seasoning and Herbs de Provence & Lavender.
Cowboy Sliders with Hunting Camp Coffee seeped Colorado Bacon glazed with Chipotle Maple Marsala & topped with Kendra's Kitchen Multi Purpose Rub & SW Seasoning & with Mollet Quail Eggs => a French Cooking Method.
Yak Burgers with Heirloom Tomato Ketchup from the Kitchen's Garden in the Uncompaghre Valley, Montrose, CO.
Menu for SW Mexican Cuisine
Bison Tacos with a Trio of Cremas, Chipotle Orange, SW made with Kendra's Kitchen Seasoning and a Cilantro Cumin Crema.
Sage Sausage Burgers with Green & Pink Peppercorns Bluecorn Pinion Nut Biscuits.
Fresh Pressed Peanut Butter Cookies with Roasted Jalepenos & Pecans.
Bon Apetit, Bien Provecho, Cheers & Salud.
Please contact Tara Kelly for tickets and info,  

ART & ARCHITECTURE in Telluride, Friday July 14- Sunday July 16, 2017.  Visit Chef Kendra for Southwest French Fusion and SW Mexican Cuisine SUN, Noon to 5 p.m. 226 East Pacfic St. at the Spruce House. Cuisine paired with the Wolf Pig Mobile Bar. 
SW French Fusion: 
Salade of Tangerine, Jicama, Sweet Summer Onion, with a White Balsamic Tangerine Vinaigrette with Fresh Nufur & Red Rubin Basil.
Duck & Ginger Sweet Potato Pie with a Chipotle Marsala Peach Jam Glaze,
 Peaches are from the Uncompaghre Valley/Montrose, Hartman's Garden.
Classic White Potato & Celery Heart Salad with Kendra's Kitchen Rub & Multi Purpose Seasoning 
Farmer's Market Cherries with a Farm Churned Spiced Whip Cream 
Classic French Cuisine:
Egg Croquettes topped with a Fresh Herb from the Kitchen's Garden,
 Farm Raised Pullet Eggs in an Mosiac Aspic with the French Cooking Method of Mollet Eggs.
SW Mexican:
Bison Soft Tacos with Shredded Carrots, a Trio of Cremas, Chipotle Orange, Kendra's Kitchen SW Crema and a Cilantro Crema topped with Roasted Chiles from the Kitchen's Garden, Spicy & Non Spicy Lime Cumin Black Beans 
Fresh Pressed Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies with Roasted Jalapenos with or without Pinion Nuts.

36th Annual Telluride Wine Festival 2017
June 22, Toast of Telluride, The Liberty Bar, 121 S. Fir Street, Telluride,
Join us for Chef Kendra's Creative SW Mexican Cuisine, 5-7:30 p.m. Click here for menu.

Saturday Wine Maker's Duck Dinner is cancelled due to closure of the RED ROOM, 204 W. Colorado Ave. The Lorenz Building, below the Elinoff Gallery.

Sunday Brunch on Main St. 11:30 a.m - 1:30 p.m. Gourmet Hunting Camp Bacon Breakfast,
Classic French and SW French Fusion Cuisine click here for menu (Word doc).

Chef to Table, Farm to Table Community Table Dinners  - new location to be announced soon.

ART WALK, Telluride, Colorado Ave, July 6, Thursday , 5-8 p.m.  Culinary is Art.

Colorado Cuisine = Ingredients are sourced locally from the Kitchen's Garden/Orchard/Farnmhouse in Montrose   Kendra's multi purpose SW Seasoning, frozen sauces, salsas & preserved tomatoes from 2016 Harvest, are available for purchase @ The Red Room - please contact Chef Kendra 970.708.7759 or

CULINARY IS AN ART, join us for The Art Walk, Thurs March 2nd, 2017, The Red Room, The Lorenzo Building, 204 W. Colorado Ave, Telluride. Samples of Farm to Table, Colorado Proud Cuisine created by Chef Kendra. Produce & Fruit are sourced from the The Kitchen's Garden/Orchard in Montrose & Proteins from local Ranchers. Click here (pdf) for menu. A Chef masters smells, flavors, textures, colors & shapes.

Kendra is availalble for Chef services for a New Year's Eve Party. Check out these festive fascinators made by local artist Debbie Madaris.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Chef Kendra is reserved for this feast 2016.  No snow, looking for another activity?   Black Canyon Hike and Bonfire BBQ at the AG House in Montrose or a Cooking Class over the Holidays.  Please contact Kendra direct @ 970.708.7759 or email me

The Rub & SW Seasoning is available for purchase @ Ray's Jerky South of Montrose on HWY 550 and the VINE, Montrose's new Fine Food & Affordable Market, 347 E. Main St,
Food Safety Panel/Farmer's Thanksgiving that I attended.
Food Safety Modernization Act/FSMA for more info please go to

CULINARY IS AN ART. a Chef masters flavors, textures, smell & shapes.  Please visit Chef Kendra at the headquarters of the , across from Telluride Truffles, for Noel Night, Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016.  She will exhibit a Crudite Christmas Tree paired with Kendra's Kitchen Multi Purpose SW Seasoning made into a Dip/Base to Salads/Special Sauce.

Valley Food Partnership and the Rocky Mountain Farmer's Union hosts the 1st annual Farmer's Thanksgiving.  The agenda begins with a panel discussion on Food Safety and how the Certification can benefit your sales. Thanksgiving dinner to follow and Chef Kendra will bring a seasonal side dish.
Where: Pea Green Community Hall, When: Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016, Time:4:30-8:00 p.m. 
Please RSVP to: 970.249.0705 or

Chef Kendra will be a participant at the 9th Annual Chile Bowl Fundraiser for Art Partners Mentoring Program,  Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016, 11-4 p.m., The Lark & Sparrow Venue, 511 E. Main St., Montrose, CO, 81401. This year she will donate a Vegi or Sausage Chile made from Uncompaghre Valley Colorado Proud Apples, Local Beans & Seeped Chiles from the Kitchen's Garden. The chile will be ornated with a Flower Shape made with Kendra's Kitchen Special SW Sauce/Dip and a Parsley Puree. Tickets are available through Partners Mentoring of Montrose, price includes a local artist's ceramic bowl.

Winter Ski Season 2016/2017  Chef Kendra will be available for Chef Services in Mt. Village, Tellluride,  Crested Butte or Aspen or the Caribbean. 

Celebrity Chef Kendra will present a Chef Demo at Divine Fish & Meat Market, Thursday July 21, 2016 12:30 - 4:00/4:30 P.M. AT THEIR NEW LOCATION, By The Dollar Tree and new Rec Center in Montrose.
Celebrity Chef Kendra will be presenting a demo for the Celebration of the Cherry Season, Rosemary, Kendra's Kitchen Chile Seasoning & Lemon Salsa. It is at Carniceria Sonora 347 N. 1 st street ( nr Cascade Bicycles) Montrose, on Sat, July 23, 2016, 11:30 - 3:30 p.m.   They have a vast selection of Pinantas for a festive Sangria Party that are available for purchase. Ole! She will be selling her Seasoning - Cash only please. Carnerceria Sonora are selling boxes of ripe bing (plum coloured)  cherries for $15.00 each.

The Apricot Tree is Producing and Chef Kendra is pureeing lovely sauces and fruit shakes. $1.50 per ounce.  

  1. Caribbean coconut rum sauce for Apricot cocktails - add your favorite rum and a sparkling water and fresh mint. Packaged in Ziploc bags for camping, river trips or to maximize your freezer space.
  2. Apricot, marsala, maple syrup sauce served with grilled pork or prawns - proteins available for purchase at Divine Fish & Meat in Montrose nr the new Rec Center.
  3. Apricot, cocoa, coffee, espresso liqueur, Thick Sauce for Ribs, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Scallops, Tempeh or Tofu.  For the Grill. 
  4. Apricot, Pear Liqueur & Rosemary Sauce for Lamb or Turkey.  Packaged in ziploc bags for 2-3,  4-6 and 4-5 people.
  5. Baby Food of Butternut Squash & Apricot Puree $2.50 per ounce.   Not spicy
  6. Apricot & Ginger Sauce great for Chicken,Pork or Ahi Tuna, can be paired with Japanese Rice made with Green Tea.
  7. Apricot, Apple Puree, Apple Blackberry Wine with Ground Sage & Spanish Sherry - Drizzle over Scallops wrapped in Bacon. Sprinkle Kendra's Kitchen Multi Purpose SW Seasoning and Fresh Sage.
  8. Apricot Brandy & Ginger Sauce with Raw Sugar - Great for a Whole Duck (available at Over th e Moon Cheese & Charcuterie & Pantry Town of Telluride)  w/ Port Seeped Figs (for sale at the AG/Karma House), a Dark ale (available at Discount Liquors on Townsend and N. 7th), Onions (available at Carneceria Sonora, 347 N. 1st Street in MONTROSE, CO) & Carrots   - CHEF KENDRA WILL PROVIDE COOKING INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR ALTITUDE.  This Sauce is delicious with a Tuna or a Beef Steak.
  9. Apricot, Jalapeno and Kendra's Kitchen SW Seasoning - great marinade for pulled pork for soft shell tacos - purchase the homemade tortillas at the Carneceria Sonora Store, 347 N. 1st Street, Montrose, CO.
  10. Apricot, Chipotle, Orange Rind, Kendra's Kitchen Seasoning, Jalapeno Juice & Hawaiian Sugar.  Spice Level 8  Good for grilling salmon, prawns, vegetable skewers, pork chops or ribs, chicken breast, legs and thighs, New Yorks Strip Steak or a Porterhouse. Serve with Maple Bourbon Beans (Kendra's Kitchen has some in freezer inventory) Olathe Sweet Corn and a Garden Salad with Chef prepared Salad Dressing (or the only one Chef likes is Catalina or Newman's OWn Brand and not the light version).
  11. Apricot, Banana, Coconut & Orange Liqueur with Orange Rind and Coconut Flakes, Great with a White Fish, Shrimp, Chicken or Tofu.
  12. Apricot, Colorado Cherry Wine, Black Cherry Liqueur with Bing Cherries cut in Halves.

  • Apricot, Pecan Whiskey, Maple Syrup with Cinnamon & Nutmeg Pudding serves 4-6 $10.50,  with a White Chocolate Ganache (healthy gourmet - 24 hour reservation/order) serves 4-6 $14.00
  • Apricot Marsala Seeped Raisin Bread Pudding Topped with Carmelized Walnuts, $16.00
Chef Kendra seeks roommate (s) at the Ag House/Karma House in Montrose and the Peaceful Ski in Ski Out Condo in Mt. Village - sports enthusiasts and healthy gourmet diners.  No room for processed junk food in the Freezers or Refridgerators.
 Local Checks (not Academy Bank checks) and Cash only.

Chef Kendra Wilcox, Healthy Cuisine, From Aspen to The Hamptons




Shop, Dine & Stay at the Kitchen's Garden

Winter Ski Season 2015/2016
Chef Services/Cooking Classes available in Montrose, Mt. Village or Aspen. Prepay for Cuisine, Service & Gratuity due Day of the Meal.
Fundraising: San Miguel Resource Center, Chocolate Lover's Fling. Chef Kendra offers a Cooking Class: Quick & Easy, Healthy Gourmet.
Kendra is driving for Mt. Limo. Please Reserve with Mt. Limo Transportation Services 888.546.6894 or 970.728.9606 and Chef Kendra will share her recipes.

Spring/Summer/Autumn 2016
Kendra will be at the Kitchen's Garden in Montrose for Spring Soil Prep/May Planting/Summer & Fall Crop. Delivered Meals from Harvested from the Garden or Shop at the Kitchen's Garden. Garden to Dinner Parties.

Happy Holidays 2015. Thank you your business for the past 28 years!

8th annual Chile Bowl Fundraiser for Partners, Mentoring Youth, Sat. Nov. 28th, 2015 at the new Lark & Sparrow Historic Venue in Montrose, CO.  511 E. Main ST. Purchase a bottomless bowl of chile from 11:00 a.m-2 p.m..  The bowl is your to keep! Chile donated by local restaurants and Chefs.  Vote for your Favorite.  Chef Kendra will be serving a chile made with Yak, Chiles & Tomatoes that are  grown at the Kitchen's Garden.  Garnished with combo of Colorado Proud Sour Cream & Kendra's Kitchen SW Seasoning, White Onions & Fresh Cilantro.

Dec. 2, 2015 - Noel Night in the Town of Telluride.  I'll be shopping at my favorite store Alpen Schatz which is centrally located downstairs on Main St.  Hope to see you there and Happy Holidays!

Dec. 5, 2015, Sat, 10:00 1:00 P.M. MONTROSE, COLORADO FARMER'S MARKET.  Chef Kendra will be offering cooking class certificates for easy holiday hors d'ouevres parties, healthy gourmet & quick and easy cuisine or let her know what you would like to learn and she will design a cooking class/dinner party available in the SW Region of the Western Slope and Aspen.   She will be selling purple potatoes, cool culinary gadgets with laminated recipe cards, Kid's and Men's  Logo'd Turtlenecks  After the market 2-6 p.m. shop at the Kitchen's Freezer.  Heirloom Tomato Ketchup,  Ground Yak Meat, Elk Tenderloins,  Soup & Chiles Bases, Salsas & Sauces, Quinoa Breakfast Burritos with Trio of Salsas.   THIS CHARMING FARMHOUSE  IS LOCATED IN THE OLD APRICOT ORCHARD AND IS  CONVIENTLY LOCATED AT NORTH 9TH  , NR THE FAMILY DOLLAR AND THE ASIAN MASSAGE.

November 14, Sat, 4 - 7p.m. 2015 Visit Chef Kendra for the Grand Opening Open House for Signature Events in Montrose, Colorado, Behind the Ford Nissan Dealership, 145 Merchant Drive.
   Colorado Cuisine, Classic French Pastry & Healthy Gourmet Cuisine
Local Life Cycles Pasture Organic Grass-fed Beef Meatballs with Kendra's Kitchen® Healthy Gourmet SW Style BBQ Sauce in French Baguette Bowls with Fresh Rosemary
Montrose raised Dell(TM) Yak Meatballs with a Plum Ginger Sauce in Rye Sourdough Bread Bowls with Fresh Parsley
Purple & New Potatoes from Kendra's Kitchen Garden filled with Crème Fraiche Garnished with Caviar or Chives
Classic French Birthday Butter Cake Gift Boxes with Scotched Seeped Raisins, Almonds with a Belgian Chocolate Ganache or Cointreau Seeped Cherries with Pinion Nuts
          Dried Apricots dipped in Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Flax Seed Raisin Cookies - no nuts

1. Ms. Chef Kendra A. Wilcox is available for Chef Services for Winter Ski Season or Caribbean Sail Yachts  2015/2016 Season.  Prepay & Direct Pay Only.  Apres Ski or Sunset Happy Hour & Dinner Chef Only.   Pease Ring for Pricing.  Gluten Free and Dietary Restrictions are an Extra Cost.

2. Visit Chef Kendra at Montrose, Colorado Farmer's Market Sat.Oct 31, 2015 8:30-1 p.m. for Fall Harvest of Heirloom Tomatoes = Nebraska Wedding, Great White, Pineapple, Cuero de Toro, , White Tomatoes,  Pianple Cuero de Toro, Yellow Boys, Sweet 100 Cherry, Red Pear, Rutgers, Super Fantastic, San Marzanos, Sweet Orange = Sun Gold, Mortgage Lifter, Red Robin and Beefsteak Tomatoes.  Candy Striped Chioggia, Detroit Dark & Albino Beets, Cosmic Purple Carrots, French Breakfast Radishes, White Globe Radishes, Okra, Regular & Round Zucchini, Yellow Round Squashes, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Beet Tops (healthier than Kale), Purple Kale, Tangy Sweet Parsnips,  Red & Purple Potatoes.    Chile Garden of Pimiento, Peppercini, Hungarian Wax, Cayenne Long Slim, Anchos, Marconi, Carmen & Green Chiles.

Shop at the Kitchen's Garden at the Ag House, Mondays - Saturdays  10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.  October 31, 2015  2:30 - 6 p.m. until Thanksgiving 2015. Frozen Salsas, Sauces, Filtered Water Stocks, Bases to Chiles & Soups, Ground Yak Meat, Yak Meatballs, Yak Chile & Quesadillas, Breakfast Burritos with a Trio of Salsas.

Classic French Butter Birthday with a Chocolate Ganache flavored with Liqueurs of Chambord, Gran Marnier, Ginger Root, White Chocolate, Black Berry, Banana, Brandy & Bärenjäger  Honey Liqueur, paired with Ice Cream or Gelato Shaped in a Birthday Gift Box with Edible Chocolate Ribbons and a Singing Candles from Paris.

Heart Shaped Salmon, Caper & Dill Mousse, Corn & Poblano Chile Soufflé, Chicken & Olathe Sweet Corn Enchiladas Mixture, Pureed Fruits, Sauted Beet Tops & Swiss Chard, Cleaned & Cooked Beets, Kendra's Kitchen Healthy Gourmet BBQ Sauce, Healthy Gourmet Cream Sauces, Elk Tenderloin with a Juniper Shiraz Sauce, Pinion Nut & Yellow Corn Chip Crust - Chef Kendra will give you the recipe for her Famous Olive Oil Oven Fried Chicken.      
All Foods Prepared with Love & Care by Chef Kendra A.
Please ring half an hour prior to arrival or give her a 72 hour notice and she may assemble a Dinner for You & Your Family & Friends.
                             Delivery Available. 970.708.7759 or 800.894.9086

Please contact Chef Kendra Wilcox directly. 800.894.9086 or Verizon Cell phone 970.708.7759

As of Jan. 3, 2015, Pre payment of Chef Services Only and in form of a Cashier's Check.
Catering/ Farm to Table Cuisine exclusively prepared by Chef Kendra Wilcox.
Chef Kendra Wilcox is reserved for the Holiday Season commencing Dec. 18, 2014.
Holiday 2015-2016 Mt. Village Sample Menus (word doc)
Kendra's Kitchen wishes you a Very Happy Holiday
and all the Best for 2015

Chef Kendra Wilcox
offers you the Finest Cuisine and Service

In Montrose, Colorado, Chef Kendra A. Wilcox is available for Catering, Personal Jet Service at the Black Canyon Jet Center MTJ/Montrose, Personal Chef Services and cooking classes

Weddings, Catering, Corporate Events, Family Reunions & BBQ's, Adverting/Photo Shoots

Sophisticated Simple Wedding & Party Planning

20 - 300 people

Wedding Rentals

Telluride, Colorado Weddings
Personal Chef Services & Cooking Class
Ski Season Menu 2013/14 Available in Mt. Village/Telluride, SW Colorado and Aspen
click here (pdf)

Offering Southwest French Fusion Cuisine, Colorado Cuisine & BBQ’s, SW Mexican, French or Italian
Chef Kendra cuisine is preservative free, low in sodium & cholesterol and food is sourced from the Kitchen’s Garden, Local Ranchers and Farmers
The BBQ Sauce and Rub & SW Seasoning are manufactured in the U.S.A. State of Colorado

Shop at the Kitchen’s Garden and Chef Kendra A. Wilcox will help you create a meal.   Yak meat balls with Whole Grain Pasta & Garden Fresh Tomato Sauce,  Baby Romaine Ceasar Salad with Parmesan Croutons,  Roasted Garlic and Whole Grain Bread.
Quinoa Breakfast Burritos with a Trio of Salsas,  Frozen Garden Tomato Sauces & Salsas.  Oatmeal Flaxseed Chocolate Chip Cookies with Seeped Cherries & and Walnuts.
Sorrel Sardine wraps with Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard, Lemon Zest and Melange of Peppercorns.  Variety of Frozen Sauces and Marinades.

Dine with Chef Kendra at the AG House: Elk Tenderloin with a Juniper Shiraz Sauce, Healthy Gourmet Mashed Potatoes, Mango Beet Salad with a Mango Sherry Dressing on a Bed of Greens from Kendra's Kitchen Garden.

Cottage Foods Industry of Colorado, Food Handling & Safety, Training on April 15, 2015 = Certificate Received and Posted at Farmer's Market.
Chef Kendra Wilcox will be @ Farmer's Market in Mt. Village June 17 to Aug. 19, 2015, Wednesdays, Free Sunset Series Concerts to Follow. She will be selling, Cool Culinary Gadgets, Kendra's Kitchen® Rub & SW Seasoning, Fresh Herbs Planted and Cut to order, Menu Designing and Fresh Produce from the Kitchen's Garden at the AG house a in Montrose, Colorado, USA.

Visit us @ the 3rd Annual Western Colorado Food and Farm Forum, Jan. 9th 2015, 1-4 p.m. at the Montrose Fairgrounds and Jan 10th 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. @ The Montrose Pavillion.

Topics: Bill McDorman, Executive Director & Co Founder of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, "Seeding the Future of Food" and "Agritourism Made Possible", Liability & Insurance Concerns and the New Legistative Bill, 13-21--121, Colorado Revised Statuses. Panelists: Lee Bradley of Orchard Valley Farms & Black Ridge Winery, Kelli Hepler of Colorado AgTourism Association and Delta County Tourism and Rob Joseph from the City of Montrose Office of Business and the Montrose Assistant City Manager. If it is Not Safe, It is not Good. , Overviews of USDA Good Agricultural & Good Handling Practices & Tracy Vanderpool, Inspection Manager with the Department of Agriculture, talk "Farm Food Safety" and New Organic Sanitation Practices. "Lessons Learned" - Developing your business through effective Marketing and Ag Business Practices.
Hosted by Colorado State University Extension, Valley Food Partnership, Montrose Office of Business Tourism, Rocky Mountain Farmer's Union and Shavano

Happy Holidays from Kendra's Kitchen.
Proudly Serving the Western Region since 1987.

"I want to take a moment to say thank you again for the wonderful dinner this past Friday. You and your team were truly incredible and really made our evening wonderful with all of your yummy food and superior customer service to everyone in attendance". Sue Lake
BBQ Rehearsal Dinner Sept. 2012

Blue Cornmeal Coated Serranos & Jalepenos filled with Colorado Goat Cheese
Chile & Lime Crabmeat Balls with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Superior Service at Your Service!

Thanksgiving Menu 2014, Montrose, Ridgway or Mt. Village, Colorado, U.S.A.
Chef Kendra will be available for Chef Services in Mt. Village, Aspen or WorldWide Travel, Caribbean. Pre paid with a Cashier's Check. .

2014/15 Ski season Chef Kendra available for personal chef services in Aspen, and Mountain Village, Colorado.

Autumn 2014 Kendra’s Kitchen® Freshly Frozen Products, Quinoa Brunch Burritos with a trio of salsas, Potato and Bacon Breakfast Burritos and seasonal garden Chef Creation Dinner Burritos with sauces.  Rub & SW Seasoning and BBQ Sauce are available for purchase. Please call Chef Kendra, 970 708 7759, for delivery or pick up times in Montrose at the Ag House/Kendra's Kitchen Garden. Delivery available in Mountain Village, Telluride or Aspen. Crispitas™ are back on the Market!
Savor the San Juans, Montrose, CO, Sunday September 14, 2014, Estate/Home Dwellings paired with Chef Creations.  Visit Chef Kendra for DelYaks of Montrose Meatballs with Kendra’s Kitchen® BBQ Sauce served in French Baquette Bowls baked by BIN - baked in Norwood . Complete the afternoon with wine tasting at Turn of the Century Banquet Hall.  Yak in the Yurt.,, call Bob for info on Yak products - 970 249 1734. Made possible by a grant given to the Montrose Office of Business and Tourism. Benefits 2 non profits, Montrose Community Foundation and the Valley Food Partnership, Savor the San Juans is a home and chef showcase at seven properties in the Montrose area.

Winner of the Pie Contest, Best of Show/Best Fall Festival,  Summer Squash (non GMO seeds) Custard Pie with Indian Ridge® Granola & Flax Seed Crumble and a Sourcream Sweet Sauce @ the 10th Annual Fall Festival in Meeker, NW CO. Sept. 28, 2013.  Sponsored by Mountain Valley Bank.

Chef Demo Friday Oct. 4, 2013, 2nd Annual PAX Event in Montrose CO @ A & Y Design Gallery, 513 E. Main Street, MTJ,  5:00-8:30 p.m. Elk Tenderloin Canapés with a Lingonberry Pink Peppercorn Compote on Sweet Potato Rounds paired with a Pinot or Shiraz. Vineyard is Mt. View from Olathe.  Also samples of Kendra's Kitchen® Rub & SW Seasoning; base to salads i.e. potato salad or use as a crudités dip or sandwich spread. 

Now Accepting Reservations for Chef Services for Thanksgiving and Winter Ski Season in SW Colorado. For New Menus  please visit our website

Hunting Season 2014, Hunt to Table Dinners at the AG House in Montrose, Colorado.  To Reserve please ring 800.894.9086 and visit our website.   Please no texting or tweeting. Email us @

We no longer accept MC or Visa. Direct Deposit and Wire Transfers.  For  Weddings  we accept a personal check.

Telluride, Colorado Weddings
Colorado Cooking Vacations USA Today
Finalist in the Healthy Gourmet Awards in London, for more information contact USDA/Ag London

As seen on the Food Network Channel

Food Network Channel - BBQ with Bobby Flay , a Rocky Mt. BBQ, Aspen Food & Wine Classic

Rocky Mountain Rental Retreats Short Term Rentals = Walk In /Ski Home, 2 bed /2 bath Condo is the Sunny Meadows area of Mt. Village, TEX, Colorado, close to Children's Ski School and The AG House in Montrose, MTJ, Colorado - For Vacationing Families, Sports Enthusiasts and Basecamp to Hunting camp. The AG House is Affordable Lodging in the State of Colorful Wonderful Colorado.

The Licensing Rights for the The Patented & Original Ski, Outdoor Activity or Tactical Goggle Protective Covering is For Sale.

For 2014 there is a 35%-50% increase in the listed prices

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