Private Aviation Catering
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Chef Services for the Private Jet Aviation Industry  in Telluride TEX and  Montrose MTJ for the Holiday Season 2017/2018 and the future. Please ring, text or email her for locally sourced seasonal sensational cuisine, Healthy Gourmet to boot! 970.708.7759 & Email me  Advance reservations greatly appreciated.  

#1 Preferred Catering Chef to Netjets for 3 years, 2003-2006.

Farm to Jet Cuisine exclusively prepared by Chef Kendra Wilcox.

Advance reservations only

970.708.7759 or 800.894.9086 or Email me

Business Jet Traveller, Feb/March 2008 issue, page 2 Kendra Wilcox is a chef .... read more (pdf)
Catering Special Report, Aviation International News, Sept 2007 ... Read more
Executive Chef Services, Aviation International News, Feb 2008 ... Read more (pdf)
Robb Report Magazine , Holiday Essentials, November 2005,  Pages 353-358.
High Flying Delicacies ; Chef Kendra Wilcox's Healthy Gourmet Option.

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