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#1 Preferred Catering Chef to Netjets for 3 years, 2003-2006.
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Farm to Jet Cuisine exclusively prepared by Chef Kendra Wilcox.


I want to Thank You for the wonderful gift of your Southwest Seasoning and the fine Colorado Product for my Thursday Luncheon. United States Senate, Wayne Allard of Colorado.

{Her} healthy cuisines are perfect for the private jet travelers. Chef Kendra Wilcox: Healthy Cuisine from Aspen to The Hamptons, Hampton Jitney Magazine, August 11, 2004, Vol. 12 by Karen Amster-Young.

The two best elements of the trip was the seminar director and you (your timely tasty food) Valerie Pawlewicz, trip coordianator, Smithsonian Study Tours, Washington D.C. 1992-2000.

Great to see you & thanks for the delicious spices & BBQ Sauce. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Matz, Palm Beach & King Ranch, Texas.

#1 preferred caterer in Southwest Colorado, NetJets, 2000 - 2003.

I attended the Crawford Broadcasting Company party that you catered and I enjoyed very much the great service and very good food! Mike Treim, Station Manager Crawford Broadcasting Company.

Smart & Spicy - Telluride's Celebrity Chef Kendra Wilcox proves that using bold spices instead of salt and butter, healthy doesn't have to be boring. Cooking with a Celebrity Chef in Telluride, Mt. Living Magazine, March/April 2002 by Brooke Baldwin.

Kendra shares our passion for food and is a very accomplished Chef. Winnie & Bob Roloson, Clients since 1988.

What really worked well in this class? The Taste of the Food. Great Class! The Menu Variety, Nutritional Info. Delicious Healthy Cuisine Cooking Class, Cooking School of the Rockies.

Recipes - Excellent, teaching skills - excellent, Fantastic Class! Great Recipes, Great 'Lowfat' Cooking Tips - TONS of FUN, Bring her back! Southwest French Fusion Cuisine, Culinary Concepts, Tucson, AZ

I thoroughly enjoy your Oven-Fried Chicken and Ricky really loves your homemade granola. After eating many of Kendra's dishes > What is in it? - write it down! Mrs. & Mrs. Ralph Lauren, Family Chef for 4 1/2 years.

I was at the Rich Slivka/Pat Bowlen Cooking Class/Dinner Party and I really enjoyed it and the food was great. Jim Schafear, Chancelor of Denver Broncos.

I am happy to provide a personal reference for Kendra Wilcox. I have known Kendra 24 years and her marketed food products are inventive and her catering topnotch. She enjoys what she does and takes responsibility for ensuring everything she does is a success, she delivers an outstanding product and is a pleasure to work with! Ms. Kimberley Elting, Dallas, Texas

Thank you so much for the great service & the great food! Everything went so smoothly due to, in a large part, your organization. Wedding for Mr. & Mrs. Rebecca Adams.

We can't express how happy we were with everything! You did an amazing Job! Winner of regional Ask Martha Wedding Contest.

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