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Est. 1987
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Welcome to   Established in 1987 in Telluride, Colorado, the company offers healthy gourmet cuisine & products.   Chef Kendra Wilcox specializes in Southwest French Fusion Cuisine which is taking the classic French Escoffier recipes that are transformed to a lighter cuisine and presented with simple elegance.

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SUMMER 2020, Farmer's Market, Market on the Plaza, every Wednesday, commencing June 24 to September 2, Chef Kendra will be selling Fruit Brownies, Yak Burgers with Garden Grown Tomato Ketchup paired with an Organically Better Carbonated Soda or Tea, Tomato and Apricot BBQ Sauce bottled in a reusable glass drinking jar and Telluride's Own Rub & Multi Purpose Seasoning. Chef will demonstrate weekly Harvests of the Farmer's Market. Due to COVID 19, Yak Burgers will be offered at a later date. Chef will be doing a demo, sales of her Seasoning and offering Wedding rentals

Shop at the Village Market in Mt. Village, Kendra's Kitchen Rub & Multi Purpose SW Seasoning is available for purchase, most lovely fresh produce and great prices throughout the store, they even have a hardware section and gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Per Ordinance of State of Colorado and San Miguel County, Please Wear Your Mask to Prevent Spread of COVID 19, Corona Virus.

CNN GO THERE will be filming the YAK Ranching, a Sustainable Industry. Honored to be the Guest Chef. Filming at, with Dr. Peter Hackett, Breeder & high altitude physician specialist & Ruth Higdon and with Bob Hasse at Del Yaks in Montrose. and, Cooking Demo at the Kitchen's Garden/Apricot Tree, The AG house, .
Chef Kendra will prepare Yak Burgers with Kendra's Kitchen Special Sauce, Basted Yak Strip Loin with an Apricot BBQ Sauce, Seared Yak Tenderloin and a Farmer's Market Favorite, Apricot Brownies with seeped Marsala Raisins,Butterscotch & White Chocolate Chips and Pinion Nuts.
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POSTPONED due to Corona Virus.

ART WALK, Thursday, March, 5, at the Elinoff Gallery, Samples of Yak and Beef, comparison of Nutritional and Environmental Benefits.
Chef Kendra will be sampling Organically Better for You Beverages. The Tractor Beverage Company has farmed a variety of carbonated sodas without gmo seeds and corn syrup: Kola Cola, Ginger Beer Cucumber, and more. Non Carbonated Beverages includes Green Tea, Mandarin Cardamon, Apricot Stone Fruit, Berry Patch, plus seasonal harvests. www.DRINKTRACTOR.COM, only Real Ingredients!


Opticwrap, Patent or Licensing Rights for Sale for the Protective Goggle Covering for the Ski, Outdoor Sports and Tactical Markets. Please contact inventor, Kendra A. Wilcox and Patent Attorney. Email me Peaceful Sunny 2 bed/2 bath Ski in/Ski out Condo in the Mt. Village/TEX and the AG house in MTG. Available for Summer Resort Season 2019 and Winter Ski Season 2019/2020.

For nightly rentals:
Please reserve through #22001396 for entire Peaceful Sunny Condo, or =>
Master Bedroom in Peaceful Sunny Condo #35940256 or
Guest bedroom in Peaceful Sunny Condo #34369438.

The AG house in Montrose #22049252 for entire house, or =>
or room rental Master bedroom or Guest bedroom #38067048

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