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a Sample of Colorado Cuisine

Bison Meatballs with The Healthy Gourmet BBQ Sauce from Kendra's Kitchen®
Free Range Chicken Pinwheels with the Rub & SW Seasoning from Kendra's Kitchen®

Farmer's Market Assorted Breads with Smart Balance ® Butter Spread,  Best Quality Plain & Herbed Butters Stars

Pinion Nut & Sage crusted Colorado Lamb Chops with a Jalapeño Mint Jelly & and a Classic Mint Jelly

Free Range Chicken Breasts with Kendra's Kitchen Simple Sauce -
Please select your combinations.  A suggestion: Chicken, Tarragon, Fat Free Cream Sauce, Delaced with a Sauvignon Blanc

Organic Farmer's Market Grilled Summer Squashes & Onions with a
Raspberry - Balsamic Drizzle

Wild Rice & Pinion Nuts  (or room in the jet's oven)Assorted Colorado Roasted Potatoes, tossed in olive oil
& mélange of black peppercorns - served with assorted organic sea salts & fresh chives

Assorted American and Imported Cheese & Fruit Plate - Served with Crackers and Assorted Breads.  

Assorted Local Pastries   & Kendra's healthy gourmet lowfat, low carb cheesecake or a wild berry summer tart with lowfat sweet " American" crème fraiche or flax seed oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, seeped cherries & raisins & pinion nuts

To your Health! Bon Appetite!   Bien Provecho!

(Please note: these are European Sized Portions)